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Thursday, July 22, 2021

What did you learn too late in life?

What did you learn too late in life

SD24 News Network - What did you learn too late in life?

The bitter truth is that looks do matter. We live in a toxic society.
Everyone loves black until it’s people.

Money >>>any damn thing.
People only come to you if they need help, if they don’t then you’re probably non-existent in their lives.
Promises are just mere words but poisoned until proved.
No one really cares about you, It’s just going to be your family and dog who’ll vouch for you.

7. The world will judge a student by their marks, a man by his remuneration and a woman by her character.

8. Forget about friends, even so called best friends are temporary. It’s just you for you till the very end.

9. Problems are just testing times to remind you that you’re strong. This too shall pass and good times are assured.

10. Hustle and persistence beat talent and insecurities.

11. You have to always believe in yourself no matter what.

12. They’ll laugh at your choices, but when they see you shine they’ll laugh at their own stupidity.

13. You don’t need anyone’s unsolicited opinions or approval. If you’re sure about it, just go for it. You need your approval.

14. Keep boundaries and learn to say NO.

15. Trust your instincts, they never lie. Never ever compromise on your goals, I repeat.. never!

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