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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Who are the toxic parents?

SD24 News Network - Who are the toxic parents?

Son: Mom, tuition mom is touching my private parts today, and she is forcing me.
Mother: Oh, now you are lying to skip tuition.
And she starts beating her son.

Daughter: Papa my ex is blackmailing me with my private pictures.
Dad: You don’t care about the reputation of our family, you brought so much insult and disgrace to our family name.
And the daughter commits suicide the next day because she cannot bear her former violence.

Toxic parents are the ones who don’t listen to their children.
If your children lie to you they will not receive gifts.
Listen to them and try to solve their problems without blaming everything.
The life of a daughter / son is more important than the pride and respect of your family.

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